around lake Staffelsee

Around the Staffelsee

The lake is a popular bathing lake with mild water and has many islands of very different sizes. The "Wörth" is the largest, only permanently inhabited and managed of the islands. The "Buchau" - affectionately called "Weißbierinsel" by locals - is the second largest, followed by the "Große Birke". Jacob's Island" is the smallest of the seven islands.


Since 1935, every year on Corpus Christi, a lake procession takes place in Seehausen. From the church the procession moves through the streets of Seehausen to the lake, from there it continues by boats to the island of Wörth. Other highlights are the lake festivals of the communities of Seehausen and Uffing in the summer months. A visit to the beer garden "Alpenblick" in Uffing is also a must.




Excursion steamer


The Staffelsee-Rundweg with a distance of about 22 km is a nice hiking tour. The round trip can also be shortened with a partial trip on the MS Seehausen across the lake. The hiking distance between the landing stages Achele and Uffing is about 13 km. It will take you about 2.5 hours.


The Murnauer Moos nature reserve, the largest contiguous moorland in Central Europe, is also a wonderful place to hike. There, large areas of litter meadows, fens and transitional bogs, spring ponds, oxbow lakes and residual lakes combine with fully formed raised bogs to form a complex of habitats with many rare and endangered species.


Sailing is a real pleasure at the Staffelsee - even if the wind is often not so willing ... Likewise, canoeists and rowboaters get their money's worth, because the lake with its islands is not only quite varied, but from there you also have a wonderful view of the mountains. Please note that motorboats are not allowed on the Staffelsee.


During the summer months you can rent rowing boats and pedal boats. You will find a boat rental in Seehausen at the former Fischerstüberl. Another, smaller boat rental is located next to the Uffingen lido.


Fishing is possible from mid-May to mid-October. The Staffelsee is a typical pike lake, but you will also find eels, whitefish, tench, pikeperch and some species of peaceful fish. Fishing permits are available at the boat rental in Seehausen. Fishing is allowed from a rowboat or from the shore.