Road closure Uffing

Due to the upcoming Uffing Festival from 17 to 21.05, traffic disruptions are to be expected in the Uffinger village area.

On Thursday, 18.05.2023, access to the campsite is only possible from the direction of Murnau and Schöffau. Coming from the direction of Huglfing, there will be obstructions from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., access is then either not possible at all or only temporarily.

On Sunday, 21.05.2023, access to the campsite will only be possible from the direction of Murnau and Schöffau in the morning. Coming from the direction of Huglfing, there is no access between approx. 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Coming from the direction of Schöffau, there will also be restrictions between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.


Gas testing

Gas testing RS:  Appointment mobil-nr. 0171-8305147.

Gas testing Eberhard Thoma: Appointment +49 (0) 171 / 7157014 or via email:


Update permanent campers: November 2022

Dear permanent campers,

as many of you have probably already noticed, we have the problem that the beavers native to Staffelsee are causing enormous damage to the woods both on the lakeshore and on the campground.

To protect the area, we have now installed an electric fence along our entire lakeshore during the winter months on the advice of the district office and the lower nature conservation authority. Since the fence is constantly connected to electricity (9V, pasture fence), we ask you to be especially careful not to get to the strands and also to watch out for your children and animals!

The fence must be set up according to the terrain and unfortunately there is no possibility to pass the fence other than in front of the playground. For this reason, we have to close the children's playground over the winter until the complete fence is removed in the spring or at the beginning of the season.


We thank you for your understanding and wish you a good time.


Your families Jais and Stöger


By the way, since a few months we are represented on Instagram (camping_aichalehof) and Facebook (Campingplatz Aichalehof). Feel free to follow us if you want to keep updated with news, as well as general information about the campsite.





Update permanent campers 14.05.2022: Beaver damage

We receive numerous complaints in connection with beaver damage. We are aware of the problem and have been in contact with the district office and the beaver commissioner for years. Unfortunately, all measures taken so far have not been successful.

Please contact the district office directly in the event of damage, ideally with appropriate photo material.


Garmisch-Partenkirchen District Office:



Beaver Officer:





Tennis courts

Since recently, the tokens for the tennis courts can also be purchased at our reception. The courts themselves can be booked online. See also the section "Tourist camping -- Leisure activities".



Play box

To make sure that our little guests don't get bored during rainy weather, we have expanded our game box. An overview of the games that can be borrowed is posted in the info pavilion. The games can be borrowed from us at the recpetion.



Our new service for you: E-bike and battery charging station

Charge your smartphone, laptop or even your e-bike battery conveniently and free of charge in our locker. You will find it in our information pavilion.





Campingbutler 2.0

Since mid-May our new Campingbutler is in use. It has several new functions, e.g. it now cleans not only all current cassette types from Thetford and Dometic, but also all original Porta Potti models and most replicas. In addition, you can now choose between sanitary additives, a classic and an ecological product. The butler is in operation between 7 am and 10 pm, during the night rest it turns off automatically. The cleaning process per cassette is about 4 minutes.

You have to pay 1,00 EUR per emptying/cleaning. If you wish an additional filling with one of the two sanitary additives, the costs per cleaning incl. sanitary additive are 2,00 EUR. The coin-operated machine does not have a change function.

If you use the Campingbutler, we ask you not to use any household products such as washing powder as an additive. Also, under no circumstances should sanitary products or wet wipes be in the cassette when using it.



First click on the screen to exit the sleep mode, then the main menu will open.

Please select whether cleaning should be done with or without sanitary additive

After coin flip, the main flap will open and you can insert the cassette as usual