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Campingplatz Aichalehof in Uffing am Staffelsee - Entspannung im Pfaffenwinkel  |  E-Mail: info@aichalehof.de  |  Online: https://www.aichalehof.de



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Grossansicht in neuem Fenster: Sanitärgebäude I Grossansicht in neuem Fenster: Sanitärgebäude II Waschraum

We offer our guests two modern, well-maintained sanitary buildings with washrooms, indiviudal wash cabins and showers as well as separate wash rooms / showers for disabled persons. Also a baby's room with bath tub, washing machines, dryers and sculleries, a dog shower and waste treatment areas are available.


Electricity is available; please bring a sufficiently long extension cord and CEE-plugs.

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