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Campingplatz Aichalehof in Uffing am Staffelsee - Entspannung im Pfaffenwinkel  |  E-Mail: info@aichalehof.de  |  Online: https://www.aichalehof.de



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Camping Aichalehof - Recreation in intact nature




The idyllic and secluded campground is nestled in the vast nature reserve that surrounds the Staffelsee and is adjacent to unique moorland. It is the ideal starting point for wonderful hiking and cycling tours through the charming area of the Alp foothills.


Our campsite is about six hectares and is located on the western shore of the lake, which can be relied upon with its islands the most beautiful lakes in Bavaria. The Staffelsee is one of the warmes lakes in Bavaria and ideal for sailing, windsurfing, canoeing and fisihing.


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